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How to get into the Armory of the Moscow Kremlin

Moscow is famous for its impressive list of attractions on its territory, however, one of the main historical places of the throne is the Moscow Kremlin, which can be accessed with the help of the Kremlin Tour on the site …
Tickets to the Armory can be purchased on their own, however, it is worth noting that the completion of on-line ticket sales ends in forty-eight hours, after which you need to print out tickets and exchange at the box office, which usually has long queues.

The entrance to the armory of the Moscow Kremlin is at the Borovitsky Gate
Using the services of the Kremlin Tour, you can provide yourself with tickets for excursions to the Armory in Moscow, the entrance to which is at the Borovitsky Gate and you do not have to stand in incredibly long lines. Naturally, given the influx of tourists, you may have to stand for a while, but obviously not so much as in the case of an independent visit.
Features of being in the Kremlin territory
It is important to note that it is forbidden to enter the Kremlin territory with capacious backpacks, suitcases, and other overall hand luggage. Naturally, the passage to the territory with cutting, piercing and other objects that can harm others is prohibited. Oversized bags can be left in the storage room and picked up after an excursion visit.

In the past, it was also forbidden to enter the territory of the Kremlin with tripods and large lenses, but at present, this issue can be solved if you are an incredible amateur photographer, then most likely you will be missed with the necessary equipment, but only in those places where photography is allowed.

The Armory of the Moscow Kremlin
The Treasury Museum, which is the Armory, is located in a building that was created by Konstantin Ton in the mid-nineteenth century. Founded in 1547 and opened in 1581, the museum stores the rarities of the royal treasury and jewelry belonging to the patriarchs, as well as various items encrusted with precious metals and stones, presented as a gift to foreign embassies. The old name of this building is “Big Treasury”.

The Armory of the Moscow Kremlin
In the meetings of the chamber, you can see:

incredible works of blacksmiths in silver and gold;

collections of silver art of Western Europe of the thirteenth to nineteenth centuries;

military awards, precious, rare fabrics and church clothes (including ceremonial robes dating from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries);

equipment for horses and an incredibly rare collection of carriages from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.

In addition to all of the above, going on an excursion with the Kremlin Tour, you can see rare things that you read about in history books, such as the Monomakh hat and much more.

The Armory of the Moscow Kremlin
Also, lovers of old books will be able to see scrolls, columns and manuscripts dating from the XII-XVIII centuries.

Visiting these places and seeing there an incredible number of different antiques and buildings, you will plunge into a historical documentary picture.

The Armory of the Moscow Kremlin
Contact our company for help in organizing an unforgettable, cultural pastime in the throne, and you will realize that you have made the right choice. Having been engaged in our activities for a long amount of time, we have established ourselves as true professionals in our field, it is not difficult to verify this personally. Having visited the Armory with the Kremlin Tour – after a while, you will recommend us to all your friends and acquaintances.

You should not spend precious time and money trying to break through huge lines, with us you will order season tickets as soon as possible and get a lot of pleasure from the time spent.

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