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Top 5 most interesting tourist destinations in Armenia
So, you decided to spend your vacation in Armenia! What if, in addition to visiting museums and attractions, you just want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Armenian…

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Top 5 most interesting tourist destinations in Armenia

So, you decided to spend your vacation in Armenia! What if, in addition to visiting museums and attractions, you just want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Armenian nature to the full? Which region of the country to choose in order to ensure for yourself and your family a good rest and leave with the maximum of positive impressions? In this article you will find answers to all these questions, as well as much more useful information!

Armenia is waiting for a visit!
Despite the fact that Armenia occupies a relatively small territory, the nature of the region is remarkable for its amazing richness and diversity. In this small country you can find several completely different resort areas, each of which has its own charm and features. Consider the 5 most interesting and popular holiday destinations in Armenia.
1. Sevan
Sevan is a resort town located on the shore of the mountain lake Sevan, a real “pearl” of modern Armenia.

The bathing season in Sevan begins around mid-June and lasts until mid-September.

Sevan – resort city
Swimming season in Sevan
Throughout the entire shore of Lake Sevan, you can find beautifully equipped beaches with special areas for active or family vacations.

Equipped beaches in Sevan
Here you will have the opportunity to have fun at the local water park or do summer sports (beach soccer, volleyball, windsurfing). Pure, fresh water of the lake is rich in various fish, here you can taste delicious freshly prepared Sevan trout.
2. Dilijan
Dilijan is a resort city located on the Agstev River and surrounded on all sides by the untouched territory of the Dilijan Reserve.

The nature of Dilijan is dense mountain forests, crystal clear air and pleasant coolness, even in the midst of summer.

The nature of Dilijan
Not far from Dilijan are the famous monastery complexes Haghartsin and Goshavank, a visit to which is definitely worth including in your summer vacation program.

Monastery complex Haghartsin
Goshavank Monastery Complex

3. Jermuk
Jermuk is an alpine balneological resort located in the Vayots Dzor region of Armenia.

The waters of the mineral springs of Jermuk are known for their many healing properties. And soda water “Jermuk” is exported and is certainly served on any Armenian table.

The waters of the mineral springs of Jermuk
The nature of Jermuk is very picturesque, here you can meet verdant alpine meadows and steep, steep cliffs, as well as admire several beautiful waterfalls.

Jermuk nature

4. Tsaghkadzor
Tsaghkadzor is perhaps the most famous of the Armenian resorts, which is equally popular in both summer and winter.

In the cold season, Tsaghkadzor is a real paradise for lovers of skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.

Tsaghkadzor – a paradise for ski lovers
There are all conditions for active winter recreation, such as specially equipped snow slopes, slopes, as well as a cable car.

Cableway to Tsaghkadzor
In summer, the nature of Tsaghkadzor pleases with invigorating coolness, healing mountain air and an incredible riot of colors of flowering vegetation, because it is not for nothing that the name of the resort translates as “gorge of flowers”.

The nature of Tsaghkadzor

5. Yerevan
Is it possible to fully relax after spending a vacation in the city? Yerevan is the city that will allow you to answer the question in the affirmative! If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of a major metropolis, then the leisurely rhythm of Yerevan’s life with the habit of heartily enjoying every moment you live through is exactly what you need.

During the day, you can visit various museums, or have fun at the water park, and in the late afternoon go to souvenir shops and shops of Northern Avenue, admire the show of “singing” fountains in the central square or enjoy a cup of aromatic black coffee in one of the cozy outdoor cafes.

Northern Avenue of Yerevan Northern Avenue of Yerevan
Show of “Singing” Fountains in Yerevan
In addition, in Yerevan you can find many options for out-of-town excursions and visits to the most interesting sights of Armenia.

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