World Attractions Discussed on Social Media
According to the Daily Mail, the answers to a question from one of the users of the Quora Internet forum “What attraction disappointed you more than others?” became an interesting…

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Tunisia jellyfish season
Every year, more and more jellyfish are found off the coast of popular resorts: the increase in water temperature and its pollution affects. Encounters with these marine life can cause…

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10 reasons to celebrate New Year in Armenia
You will learn how the main holiday of the year is traditionally celebrated here, and what striking events and events take place in the capital and other cities of Armenia.…

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The most popular attractions where tourists are now not allowed

The British newspaper Daily Express has compiled a list of the most popular places among travelers with a ban on access or limited access …

The list includes the Philippine island of Boracay, which is popular with tourists, which is closed for visiting for six months due to environmental degradation. Before visitors can again be allowed to enter the island, the Philippines authorities want to introduce strict laws that will preserve the local nature.

Boracay Island Philippines

Philippine island of Boracay

Starting April 1, the Indian tomb of the Taj Mahal is available for visiting only three hours a day. Such a measure was introduced to avoid crushing.

Taj Mahal

Tomb of the Taj Mahal

Also in the list of publications was the French cave of Lascaux, famous throughout the world for its cave paintings that have been preserved since the Paleolithic. About a thousand travelers visited it daily. Due to the heat and humidity that appeared in the cave as a result of a massive concentration of people, the rock paintings began to deteriorate. In the late 1950s, lichens began to grow actively in Lasko Cave, and in 1963 the landmark was closed to visitors. Today, tourists can only visit the nearby replica of the cave.

Lascaux Cave in France

Lascaux Cave is small – up to 250 meters wide and about 30 meters high. It is divided into several halls and corridors. In the Lasko gallery you can see images of deer, bison, bears, horses, animals from the cat family and a mysterious creature, conventionally called a unicorn. Some of the drawings are placed right on the ceiling!

French cave Lascaux

To the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the British building of Stonehenge in 1977, they stopped letting tourists in, as people broke pieces and took them home as a souvenir. Today, Stonehenge is forbidden to rise and touch, but travelers can admire the landmark from a distance.

Stonehenge megalithic structure in the UK

What does Stonehenge look like? This ring is about 30 meters in diameter, built of large stone blocks 4 meters high and 2 meters wide, whose weight is about 25 tons.

What does Stonehenge look like?

On top of this circle, smaller stones are laid as lintels – about 3 meters in length, 1 m in width and 0.8 m in thickness. In the center of the stone circle is five trilithons (structures of three stones, two of which are on the ground, and the third is on top). Perhaps because of the resemblance, these five structures are also called horseshoes. Internal stones are the heaviest elements of Stonehenge, each weighing about 50 tons. Behind the trillitons in a circle are the smallest stones, the purpose of which is unknown. It is important to note that in the area of ​​the attraction there were no such large stones – they could be found no closer than 400 km from Stonehenge. This indicates the incredibly hard work of its builders.

There are also new rules for visiting the Peruvian ancient city of Machu Picchu. The authorities of Peru took such measures to prevent the destruction of the remnants of the Inca heritage. Today, tourists are allowed to visit the attraction from 6:00 to 12:00 and from 12:30 to 17:30. At other times, the entrance to the ancient city is closed. In addition, visitors cannot re-enter immediately after exiting.

The ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu Center is the Sacred Square. Three stunning temples surround her – the main temple, the Temple of the Three Windows, and the House of the Priest. In addition, archaeologists found a cave where rulers were buried before. Also in the city traces of tunnels and bridges were found.

Peruvian ancient city of Machu Picchu

The list also includes Maya Bay beach, located on the Thai island of Phi Phi, where the film “Beach” was shot with Leonardo DiCaprio. In early June, the coast is closed for visiting for four months, during which damaged coral reefs and marine flora are restored.

Maya Bay Beach at Phi Phi Island in Thailand

The Trevi Fountain in Rome was restricted for visiting last year, after the tourists decided to swim in the fountain inspired by shots from the movie “Sweet Life” in 1960. Visitors have access to only one place where they can approach Trevi, but it is strictly guarded.

Roman Trevi Fountain

The Fontana di Trevi (Fontana di Trevi) is considered a gem among hundreds of sources of the Italian capital. The impressive landmark is more like a stone-made scene from an ancient play than a source of clean water.

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Soon, tourists can be restricted from visiting the famous Italian city on the water of Venice, where about 60 thousand travelers visit every day. Due to the large number of people, crowds are created in the narrow streets of the city.

City of Venice

The Shinto Shrine in Ise, Japan, also appeared on the Daily Express. The temple complex of more than 100 shrines dates back to the III century.

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