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Traveling light: how to get along with hand luggage on an airplane

According to media reports in our country, only 20% of passengers fly without baggage: since 2017, this has become the reason for the rise in price of tickets – now it’s simply not included in their price …

Traveling light: how to get along with hand luggage on an airplane
Quite often, an air ticket becomes almost two times cheaper if a passenger flies without heavy suitcases. In this article, we will talk about the ways in which you can travel by plane using hand luggage, as well as the current rules for transporting things.
How to fly without baggage
The rules for using hand luggage, in which you can fit the required minimum of things, differ among airlines.

You can do with hand luggage, designed for 8-10 kg of transported things in cases:

when flying on a short trip;

when flying for 4-5 days of rest, especially for domestic flights – the cost of tickets for them is reduced;

if you travel for purchases during the sales season and plan to purchase many things, you can fly one way without baggage.

According to statistics, more often than other passengers carry-on baggage are men and people who fly without a company.

Luggageless fares are a relatively new phenomenon for aviation. Employees of airlines recognize that at the moment they are the least popular, but over time this will change – in the framework of the light tariff, the savings are great, and this attracts people.

Many passengers buy a ticket designed for baggage transportation online – then they manage to save up to 30% of the cost. Otherwise, you have to pay extra for its transportation already at the airport, which is unprofitable.
When you can’t get along with hand luggage
The most popular cases when flying without baggage will bring more trouble, can be considered:

flight for a period of two weeks – then you risk leaving things that you really need at home;

travel with children;

transportation of cutting objects (including scissors) is prohibited;

the need to transport a snowboard, bicycle and heavy equipment in case of outdoor activities – these things simply can not fit into the cabin;

the transport of liquids with a volume of more than 100 ml (alcoholic drinks, oils purchased at recreational facilities, etc.) is also prohibited.
What things are more convenient to leave at home
There are ways to save on the cost of luggage by abandoning bulky or heavy things, replacing them with alternative options in advance. It will be easier for you to put things in your hand luggage, refusing to:

paper books and guides – they can be downloaded to an electronic device;

containers with various products that can be bought anywhere – for example, shampoos;

voluminous heavy clothing – jeans and sweaters, extra shoes, if you are wearing a reliable pair;

rugs and terry towels.

Give preference to compact things, thermal underwear and travel clothing – the manufacturer makes sure that it is as light as possible.

Be sure to weigh things at home – then it will be easier for you to do with hand luggage, without paying extra at the airport for extra weight.

The advantages of hand luggage are not only at a bargain price: traveling without luggage, you can catch a plane if you are a bit late. The queues at the baggage reception will not keep you waiting, and you won’t have to pick it up at the exit – this is a huge time saver.
Backpack or suitcase: how to make the right choice
For the airline, the weight of what you carry is important – what it will be in does not matter.

We will consider the advantages of the most popular transportation options.

Having chosen a backpack, you can:

use it not only on the plane, but also on the journey itself, laying out most of the things;

save less luggage due to tightening straps and soft fabric;

get lighter weight.

A suitcase will be the best option if:

you carry fragile things;

it is important for you that the clothes inside are not wrinkled;

it’s easier for you to roll your luggage than to carry it on your shoulders.

Hand luggage is not only a good way to significantly save on the cost of a ticket, but also a source of many amenities.

Choose what suits your situation – after all, the needs of each person and the specifics of the trip are something that cannot be neglected when determining the composition of the baggage.

Travel with pleasure!

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