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Famous – a true Georgian restaurant in the center of Tbilisi

To touch the true centuries-old traditions of Georgia, it is worth visiting, first of all, in its capital. The uniqueness of the natural conditions, the color and contrast of urban new buildings and old mansions and, of course, traditional Georgian cuisine …

You can feel real Georgian hospitality only in the original Georgian restaurant. Famous is just such an institution where you can feel yourself in a circle of friends and dine in a cozy relaxed atmosphere.

If this is your first time in the capital and you don’t know where to go to Tbilisi, then along the Abo Tbileli 1 street, which is in the very center of the city, something unusual awaits you. In the old mansion of the century before last with wide panoramic windows in the shade of the park area, this cozy restaurant has a lounge, which boasts its Georgian and Italian cuisine, numerous promotions, culinary master classes from the chef and an unforgettable home atmosphere.
What does this Georgian restaurant in Tbilisi boast of?
Naturally, an extensive menu first! Given the national names of some dishes, which not everyone can be familiar with, the waiters are ready to help you in choosing and telling about a particular dish, advise something. The hostess of the establishment itself can help you with advice. She is happy to meet everyone who has entered her “monastery”, is interested in the preferences and impressions of the guests, and will give practical advice on choosing dishes and wines.

Where to go in Tbilisi? Famous – a real Georgian restaurant
Children’s menu
The restaurant has something to offer not only ordinary visitors, but also fastidious gourmets, vegetarians and even children, who will undoubtedly be pleased with homemade lemonade. The children’s menu includes vegetables with yogurt, soups (chicken and beef broth) and main dishes – meatballs from fish in tomato sauce and meatballs (chicken, Kiev).

Lunch menu
Every day from 13:00 to 16:30 for the busiest and business people the restaurant offers lunches from Georgian, Ukrainian and European dishes. Each lunch is the first, second and salad for only 15 GEL. Especially popular are Georgians with chicken soup called chihirtma, eggplant with nuts and chashululi – tender chicken meat.
Where to eat in Tbilisi? In Famous!
Traditional Georgian cuisine is replete with its diversity, and the taste of dishes prepared by a professional chef of the restaurant is not forgotten for a long time.

The Georgian menu in the best national restaurant in Tbilisi begins with appetizers. And the main ingredients in the appetizers are mushrooms and cheeses. And you can fall in love with them at first sight. Particular attention should be paid to the flagship of Georgian snacks – assorted cheeses with mchadi, Georgian corn tortilla, used in some parts of the country as bread.

Famous – a real Georgian restaurant

For real meat lovers, pork in adjika will be just the way. To the best of sharp, but juicy and tender meat just melts in your mouth. Delicious appetizing lamb ribs with adjika, vegetables and herbs, which are served with soft, fluffy white bread, often become the leader of orders.

Well, how can you not remember about Shkmeruli. This dish is one of the most delicious culinary masterpieces of traditional Georgian cuisine. Fried chicken in milk-garlic sauce can be consumed with a wide variety of side dishes. Chicken fillet served with one of the three (optional) sauces is not inferior to it: walnut, blackberry or plum.

Georgian pastries are beyond praise: various types of khachapuri, pkhovani, khabizgin and, of course, kvari. These are Georgian dumplings with suluguni cheese. The chef makes them excellent: delicious juicy and very cheese! Moreover, they are served both hot and cold.

Famous – restaurant in the center of Tbilisi
In addition to traditional desserts – tiramisu, ice cream, cheesecake – Famous signature strudel leaves memories of its divine taste for a long time.

The wine list should be mentioned separately, as by tradition it is served in addition to the main menu. All visitors to the restaurant celebrate the rich variety of wines from local private wineries. Every Thursday here is a cocktail day, and there are lucrative promotions.

Among the variety of European cuisine menus in the Famous restaurant there are various soups, snacks and salads with vegetables, seafood, various types of cheeses (Greek, Caesar, vegetable salads, salads with ruccola). Well, and traditional pasta and risotto, which is simply impossible to “ignore.”
Master classes from the chef
Yes, in the restaurant you can not only eat delicious food, but also learn how to cook these authentic traditional Georgian culinary masterpieces on your own. The chef of the restaurant Natalia is a professional in his field, a very responsive and hospitable person. It was she who founded the 3-hour courses for those wishing to learn culinary art in the preparation of kharcho, khinkali and khachapuri. Lessons are held both individually and in groups.

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